Table 4

ORs and 95% CI for breast cancer risk and CYP17 genotype stratified by postmenopausal hormone usea

CasesControlsORbAdjusted ORc
Never users (n = 285)
CYP17 genotype
A1/A2 + A2/A2601261.04 (0.61–1.78)1.06 (0.60–1.85)
Past users (n = 199)
CYP17 genotype
A1/A2 + A2/A246740.89 (0.49–1.62)0.88 (0.46–1.68)
Present users <5 yrs (n = 132)
CYP17 genotype
A1/A2 + A2/A246391.10 (0.52–2.32)1.21 (0.51–2.85)
Present users ≥5 yrs (n = 239)
CYP17 genotype
A1/A2 + A2/A271840.75 (0.43–1.28)0.75 (0.42–1.33)
LRT,dP = 0.74
  • a Seven subjects with missing hormone status removed from analysis.

  • b Unconditional logistic regression adjusted for matching variables: age, date of blood draw, time of blood draw, and fasting status.

  • c Unconditional logistic regression adjusted for matching variables, and age at menarche, parity, age at first birth, BMI at age 18, weight gain since age 18, age at menopause, benign breast disease, and first-degree family history of breast cancer.

  • d LRT is for the interaction between genotype and hormone use.