Table 1

β-catenin mutations in small (<1 cm) colorectal adenomas, large (≥1 cm) adenomas, and invasive carcinomas

The site of the tumor, age of the individual, and size (of the small adenomas) are also indicated.
Tumor IDSequence changeAmino acid changeaSitebAgeSize (mm)
Small adenomas (<1 cm)
 SA 34TCT to TTTSer45 to PheR704
 SA 16TCT to TTTSer45 to PheL692
 SA 22TCT to TTTSer45 to PheL624
 SA 18TCT to TTTSer45 to PheR573
 SA 33ACC to GCCThr41 to AlaR663
 SA 36ACC to GCCThr41 to AlaR645
Large adenomas (≥1 cm)
 LA 24GGA to GAAGly34 to GluR72
 LA 26TCT to TTTSer45 to PheR79
Invasive carcinomas
 CA 53ACC to GCCThr41 to AlaR71
  • a Mutated exon 3 codon is indicated by superscript.

  • b R, right-sided; L, left-sided.