Table 1

MORF4 sequence alleles

MORF4 sequence at polymorphic loci in tumor-derived cell lines, normal fibroblast counterparts (i.e., 3F fibroblasts were derived from the same patient as the BICR 3 line, and so forth) and “normal” material used for microcell transfer (F4)/transfection (cloned NheI fragment; see Ref. 7 ). Loci base numbering is as used in Fig. 2 <$REFLINK> . Where two bases are indicated at one position, the sequence was found to be heterozygous at this locus; i.e., two different allelic sequences are present in the same cells. The final column indicates lines that are heterozygous and not homo- nor hemizygous for MORF4 and the 4q33-q34 LOH locus in the vicinity of D4S408.
Base at polymorphic lociHeterozygous
49108115428615730865 MORF4 D4S408
Tumor lines
  • a ND, not done; N/A, not appropriate.