Table 1

Production of NO by ANA-1 and A549 cells in monoculture and coculture

ANA-1 and A549 cells were cultured individually and treated with medium alone (NS) or with IFN-γ + LPS for 48 h as described in “Materials and Methods.” Coculture consisted of ANA-1 cells treated with IFN-γ + LPS and grown in the presence of unstimulated A549 cells. The NO2 content of the culture medium was assessed as described in “Materials and Methods.” Numbers in parentheses indicate percentage of reduction in NO2 content in coculture relative to monoculture of ANA-1 stimulated with IFN-γ + LPS.
Experiment no.ANA-1, NSANA-1, IFNγ + LPSA549, NSA549, IFN-γ + LPSCoculture
10.417. (50%) (35%)