Table 2

Panel of human tumor samples stained with BXP-34 for BCRP

Tumor type, number of samples, drug treatment, and BXP-34 staining are indicated. Except for one case of small intestine cancer, no BCRP presence was observed in the tumor cells of these tumor samples. Occasional reactivity of endothelial cells and desmoplastic stroma was observed in some tumor samples.

Tumor typenDrug treatmentBXP-34 staining
Stomach, ACa2Nob
Lung, AC2No
Colon, AC2No
Small intestine, AC1No+
Small intestine, AC1No
Testis, Sm2No
Ovarium, AC2No
Kidney, AC2No
Liver metastases, AC2No
Hepatocellular, AC2No
Prostate, AC2No
Bladder, TCC2No
Uterus, AC2No
Breast, AC10No
Breast, LABC7Dox/CyPhos
AML6Several+ MX
  • a AC, adenocarcinoma; Sm, seminoma; TCC, transitional cell carcinoma; LABC, locally advanced breast cancer.

  • b −, no reactivity; +, weak reactivity.