Table 2

Therapy of human pancreatic carcinoma growing in the pancreas of nude mice

Treatment groupaPancreatic tumorsMetastasisBody weight (g)
IncidenceTumor volume (mm3)LiverLymph nodeMedianRange
Saline control10 /10b399116–6233 /10b9 /10b2117–28
Gemcitabine10 /1016661–273c1 /109 /102518–29
PKI16610 /1022061–361c1 /109 /102421–28
PKI166+ gemcitabine10 /10599–119d1 /106 /10c2319–25
  • a L3.6pl human pancreatic cancer cells (1 × 106) were injected into the pancreas of nude mice. Seven days later, groups of mice were treated with biweekly i.p. injections of gemcitabine (125 mg/kg) alone, daily oral feedings of PKI166 (100 mg/kg) alone, gemcitabine and PKI166, or saline (control). All mice were killed on day 35.

  • b Number of positive mice/number of mice receiving injections.

  • c P < 0.001 versus control.

  • d P < 0.001 versus all other groups.