Table 3

Survival of nude mice with human pancreatic carcinoma by therapy with PKI166 and gemcitabine

Treatment groupaPancreatic tumorsMetastasisSurvival (days)
LiverLymph nodesMedianRange
Saline control15 /15b7 /1514 /153730–50
Gemcitabine15 /1511 /1513 /155642–72
PKI16615 /155 /1510 /157034–90c
PKI166+ gemcitabine10 /150 /15c4 /157530–100c
  • a Nude mice received injections in the pancreas with 1 × 106 L3.6pl cells. Seven days later, groups of mice were treated with biweekly i.p. injections of gemcitabine (125 mg/kg), daily oral feedings of PKI166 (50 mg/kg), gemcitabine and PKI166, or saline (control). Moribund mice were killed and necropsied.

  • b Tumor-positive mice/mice receiving injections.

  • d P < 0.0001 as compared with other groups of mice.