Table 4

Mammary cancer prevention by Se-methylselenocysteine or methylseleninic acid in rats given a single dose of MNU or DMBA

CarcinogenTreatmentaTumor incidenceTotal no. of tumors% inhibitionb
MNUNone29 /3094
MNUSe-methylselenocysteine14 /30c40c57%
MNUMethylseleninic acid16 /30c48c52%
DMBANone26 /3085
DMBASe-methylselenocysteine13 /30c42c51%
DMBAMethylseleninic acid13 /30c44c48%
  • Each selenium compound was supplemented in the diet at a concentration of 2 ppm Se for the entire duration of the experiment after carcinogen dosing.

  • Percentage of inhibition of tumorigenesis calculated based on the total tumor number data.

  • Significantly different compared with the corresponding control value (P < 0.05).