Table 1

Inhibition of liver metastatic tumors after portal vein infusions of matrix-targeted retroviral vectors bearing a mutant cyclin G1 construct

VariableaTreatment groupnMean95% CIbP
Liver SAPBS487.72(56.915–135.204)0.95
High-dose nBg489.85(58.299–138.491)
Low-dose dnG14101.41(65.795–156.300)
High-dose dnG1497.95(63.550–150.967)
High-dose nBg:PBS ratio1.02(0.556–1.889)
Low-dose dnG1:PBS ratio1.16(0.627–2.131)
High-dose dnG1:PBS ratio1.12(0.606–2.059)
Tumor SAPBS40.847(0.210–3.418)0.006
High-dose nBg40.188(0.047–0.760)
Low-dose dnG140.268(0.066–1.083)
High-dose dnG140.016(0.004–0.063)
High-dose nBg:PBS ratio0.222(0.031–1.600)
Low-dose dnG1:PBS ratio0.317(0.044–2.280)
High-dose dnG1:PBS ratio0.018(0.003–0.133)
Tumor SA: liver SA× 100PBS40.965(0.224–4.155)0.007
High-dose nBg40.210(0.049–0.902)
Low-dose dnG140.265(0.061–1.139)
High-dose dnG140.016(0.004–0.069)
High-dose nBg:PBS ratio0.217(0.028–1.711)
Low-dose dnG1:PBS ratio0.274(0.035–2.160)
High-dose dnG1:PBS ratio0.017(0.002–0.130)
Mean tumor SAPBS40.109(0.054–0.218)0.0002
High-dose nBg40.042(0.021–0.085)
Low-dose dnG140.012(0.006–0.023)
High-dose dnG140.006(0.003–0.013)
High-dose nBg:PBS ratio0.389(0.145–1.039)
Low-dose dnG1:PBS ratio0.106(0.040–0.284)
High-dose dnG1:PBS ratio0.059(0.022–0.158)
  • a Liver SA, total surface area of liver section, mm2 (mean of lobes A, B, and C); Tumor SA, total surface area of tumor foci per lobe, mm2 (mean of lobes A, B, and C); Tumor SA: liver SA × 100, percentage of liver lobe infiltrated by tumor; Mean Tumor SA, mean surface area of each tumor foci in lobes A, B, and C, mm2.

  • b CI, confidence interval.