Table 2

Pairwise comparisons of the outcome variables in Table 1 <$REFLINK> a

Tumor sizeTumor:liver size ratioMean tumor size
High-dose nBg vs. PBS0.1230.1330.058
Low-dose dnG1 vs. PBS0.2290.197<0.001
High-dose dnG1 vs. PBS0.0010.001<0.001
High-dose nBg vs. low-dose dnG10.7030.8100.014
High-dose nBg vs. high-dose dnG10.0180.0190.001
Low-dose dnG1 vs. high-dose dnG10.0090.0120.220
  • a Pairwise comparisons were performed for the outcome variables with overall F test; Ps were <0.05 between groups.