Table 1

Effects of T-cell depletion in neu-N mice

Transgenic mice were depleted of T-cell subsets, and depletion was maintained by twice-weekly i.p. injections of anti-CD4 antibody (GK1.5–CD4 depletion), anti-CD8 antibody (2.43–CD8 depletion), anti-NK antibody (pk136–NK depletion), or control antibody (W632–mock depletion). T-cell depletion was verified by FACS analysis of splenic T cells isolated from members of each group. Control animals (no vaccine) received HA rVV given i.p., and all other groups (vaccine) received neu rVV given i.p. after verification of T-cell depletion. Animals received a s.c. tumor challenge consisting of 5 × 104 NT2 cells injected s.c. 14 days after vaccination. Statistical significance values were determined using the log rank test as compared with the control group. These data represent the combination of at least three separate experiments.

Group (number of animals)% Tumor-free animals (day 24 after challenge)P
No depletion, no vaccine (n = 30)0
Mock depletion, vaccine (n = 31)750.007 (vs. no vaccine)
CD4 depletion, vaccine (n = 22)00.31 (vs. no vaccine)
CD8 depletion, vaccine (n = 33)400.02 (vs. no vaccine)
NK depletion, vaccine (n = 30)680.004 (vs. no vaccine)