Table 2

CDRs and examples of candidate genes that map to these regions

Twenty-six regions were identified as CDRs. The minimal cytogenetic map position is given in the column on the right, with a putative candidate gene that is found in that region given in the next column.

1p36.1–36.2MDG1 and BRCD2
2q21.3–23.3 FAP
3p14.1 FHIT
5q21.1–21.3 APC
6q15 MYB
6q22.1–23.1MYB and ROS1
6q25.2–27hZAC and ESR-1
7q31.1–31.31 CAV-1
8p22–21.3 N33
8q24 MYC
9p21CDKN2A and CDKN2B
10q23.31–23.33SNCG, and PTEN
11p15ST5, TSG101 and HRAS
11q13.1EMS1 and INT-2
11q23.3 ATM
13q12.3 BRCA2
13q14.2–14.3 RB1
14q32.11–31 OGR1
16q11.2–22.1 CDH1
16q22.3–24.3 CDH13
17p13.3 BCPR
17p13.1 TP53
17q21.23 BRCA1
18q21.1–21.3 DCC
22q12.3RRP22 and NF2
22q13.1 ST13