Table 1

UV-induced tumors in HGF/SF transgenic and FVB/N wild-type mice

StrainNo. of miceNo. of tumor bearersTumor typesaDays to first tumor
SCCbSarcomaPapillomaMean ± SEMedian
FVB/N322719710248 ± 35252
HGF/SF transgenic2716c2529180 ± 35183
  • Five tumors arising in FVB/N mice were not histologically identified.

  • Squamous cell carcinoma.

  • Eight transgenic mice died tumor-free before day 64 from apparent gastrointestinal obstruction or kidney failure, irrespective of UV irradiation, consistent with known phenotypes associated with these mice (23) . Twenty unirradiated FVB/N mice and 15 unirradiated HGF/SF transgenic mice developed no tumors during the course of this study.