Table 2

Crystallographic data collection and refinement statistics for the FGFR1/SU6668 structure

A. Data collection
Resolution (Å)Observations (N)Completeness (%)RedundancyRsyma (%)Signal 〈I/ςI〉
30.0–2.36585297.9 (93.5)b3.74.3 (24.3)b12.4
B. Refinementc
Resolution (Å)Reflections (N)Rcrystd (%)Root-mean-square deviations
bonds (Å)angles (°)B-factorse (Å)
25.0–2.32921521.1 (24.3)f0.0071.21.5
  • a Rsym = 100 × ∑hkli|Ii(hkl) − 〈I(hkl)〉|/∑hkliIi(hkl). Data are from one crystal.

  • b Value in parentheses is for the highest resolution shell.

  • c Atomic model includes 550 residues (two kinase molecules), two SU6668 molecules, 199 water molecules, and one sulfate ion (4569 atoms).

  • d Rcryst = 100 × ∑hkl∥ Fo(hkl)| − |Fc(hkl)∥ /∑hkl|Fo(hkl)|, where Fo and Fc are the observed and calculated structure factors, respectively (Fo > 2ς).

  • e For bonded protein atoms.

  • f Value in parentheses is the free Rcryst determined from 5% of the data.