Table 1

Effect of different anticancer drugs on viability of wt and PARP-1 KO fibroblasts

Twenty-four h after plating, cells were treated for 4 h with drugs at concentrations ranging from 0.1 μg to 100 μg/ml. After medium change, cells were maintained at 37°C for 70 h. Then 10 μl of WST-1 were added, and absorbance at 450 and 690 nm was measured. IC50 was determined from three separate experiments; each drug concentration was tested in triplicate.

PARP +/+PARP −/−PARP reconstitution
IC50 doxorubicin 1.0 μg/ml 5.0 μg/ml 3.0 μg/ml
IC50 cytarabine 3.7 μg/ml20 μg/ml 4.5 μg/ml
IC50 cisplatin30.0 μm80.0 μm50.0 μm
IC50 VP-1660.0 μg/ml13.0 μg/ml45.0 μg/ml