Table 1

Summary of observations in 16 mice

The results of fluorescence microlymphography and histology are tabulated. Vessel dilation and staining were judged to be either strong (++), weak (+), or negative. Other observations were either positive or negative. The tumor periphery was defined as the portion of the tumor less than 100 μm distant from the interface with normal tissue, and the interior portion of the tumor was defined as the portion more than 100 μm from normal tissue.

Observation (method/timepoint)Control group (n = 5)Tumor, tail tip injection (n = 6)Tumor, direct injection (n = 5)
Intact superficial network before tumor cell/sham injection (microlymphography/day 1)565
Intact superficial network after tumor growth (microlymphography/day 30)500
Dilation of lymphatics near tumor or sham injection site (microlymphography/day 30)04++3++
Stained vessels distal to tumor (histology/day 31)NAa6++5++
Stained vessels proximal to tumor (histology/day 31)NA1++1++
Lymphatic vessel between tumor and epidermis (histology/day 31)NA43
Lymphatic vessel at tumor periphery (histology/day 31)NA51
Lymphatic vessel in tumor interior (histology/day 31)NA00
  • a NA, not applicable.