Table 1

SI and CNRs for tumor regions

Region of interestSI mean ± SD (AU)CNRP
CaD+, periphery59,100 ± 1,500NA
CaD+, center52,600 ± 1,500NA
CaD−, tumor35,300 ± 5,200NA
Nontarget tissuea23,000 ± 1,700NA
CaD+ periphery to CaD−NAb8.6<0.001
CaD+ center to CaD−NA6.0<0.005
CaD+ periphery to backgroundNA22.8<0.001
CaD+ center to backgroundNA16.2<0.001
  • a Observed NIRF signal originates from endogenous fluorochromes (autofluorescence) and exogenous (i.e., diet) fluorochromes. CNR = (SI1 − SI2)/ Embedded Image.

  • b NA, not applicable.