Table 1

Specificities and performance of monoclonal antibodies detecting MDR transporter proteins

Transporter protein, Mab name, species, isotype, fusion protein used for immunization, and smallest reactive amino acid sequence known are indicated in the columns on the left. Reactivity in different techniques is indicated in the middle columns. The columns on the right show reactivities towards the respective antigens in frozen sections of different species. For reasons of comparison, the anti-MDR1 P-gp Mabs JSB-1 and C219 are included in the table.

Transporter proteinMabAntigenReactivitya
NameSpeciesIsotypeFusion proteinAmino acid sequenceCytospins/Frozen sectionsParaffin sectionsWestern blotFACSSpecies
HumanMouseRatGuinea Pig
MDR1 P-gpJSB1MouseIgG1NAb?++++++++++
C219MouseIgG2aNA569–74+ 1214–19+++++++++++++++++++
MDR3 P-gpP3II-1MouseIgG1P3II 629–692+++/−+ND+++/−+/−
P3II-26MouseIgG2bP3II 629–692++++/−+++ND++++/−+++
MRP1MRPr1RatIgG2aM1I 238–247+++++++++++++++++
MRPm5MouseIgG2aM1V 986–1204++++++++++
MRP2M2I-4MouseIgG1M2I 215–310++++++ND+++
M2II-12MouseIgG2aM2II 852–954+++ND++
MRP3M3II-9MouseIgG1M3II 830–949++++++++++
M3II-21MouseIgG1M3II 830–949++++++ND+++
MRP5M5I-1RatIgG2aM5I  82–168+++++++++NDNDND
M5II-54RatIgG2aM5II 722–910++ND+NDNDND
  • a −, no reactivity; +/−, very weak reactivity; +, weak reactivity; ++, good reactivity; +++, very good reactivity.

  • b NA, not applicable; ?, unknown; ND, not determined.

  • c For this immunization, booster injections with GLC4/ADR cells were also given.