Table 1

Effect of 2-EtEMATE on DNA content of breast cancer cell lines

Cell cycle parameters of MCF7, ZR-75-1, CAL51, and CAMA1 cells exposed to 2-EtEMATE (500 nm) for up to 96 h are shown. The proportion of cells in G1-S or G2-M are shown as a percentage of total cells with a 2 N to 4 N DNA content. The proportion of cells with a sub-G1a DNA content is shown as a percentage of total cells. Untreated cells are at 96 h.

Cell lineMCF7ZR-75-1CAL51CAMA1
24 h56337184152386243367
48 h5386266040101882162575
72 h123466123763213268363367
96 h8297192080442377513367
  • a <G1, sub-G1.