Table 2

Genes down-regulated by c-Myca

No.Gene nameFunctionRatiob-Serac
1 Cyclin D1d Cell cycle0.28
2 PINCH protein Apoptosis0.350.29
3 Protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit ε Signaling0.22
4 Protein kinase C-binding protein (Enigma) Signaling0.36
5 Mitogen activated protein kinase-1 (ERK1) Signaling0.30
6 Protein kinase (MEKK) Signaling0.40
7 RAC-α serine/threonine kinase (RAC-PK-α) Signaling0.10
8 RAC-β serine/threonine kinase (RAC-PK-β) Signaling0.20
9 Thy-1 glycoprotein Signaling0.38
10 T-cell receptor, T3-epsilon glycoprotein Signaling0.330.20
11 unr protein (upstream of N-ras) DNA binding0.10
12 Calcium-binding protein (nucleobindin, NUCB1) DNA binding0.24
13 Vascular actin single-stranded DNA-binding factor Transcription0.24
14 Retinoic acid receptor α2 Transcription0.40
15 Sp3 transcription factor Transcription0.19
16 Ubiquitous Kruppel-like factor Transcription0.26
17 Zinc finger X-linked protein ZXDB Transcription0.34
18 Red-1 nuclear protein Transcription0.16
19 Female sterile homeotic homolog RING3 Transcription0.32
20 Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H RNA processing0.19
21 Nuclear ribonucleoparticle-associated protein RNA processing0.23
22 Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis antigen hud RNA processing0.200.09
23 GCN1 (translational activator) Protein synthesis0.36
24 α-B-crystallin Protein folding0.23
25 Ischemia-responsive 94 kDa protein Protein folding0.11
26 Carboxypeptidase D (CPD) Protein processing0.23
27 ATP-dependent metalloprotease FtsH1 Protein degradation0.09
28 Peptidylglycine α-amidating monooxygenase Protein modification0.34
29 ARL-6 interacting protein-1 (Aip-1) Protein trafficking0.24
30 Lysosomal membrane glycoprotein (LAMP-1) Metabolism0.07
31 ATP-specific succinyl-CoA synthetase-β Metabolism0.12
32 B-locus C-type lectin Metabolism0.43
33 β-1,3-Galactosyltransferase Metabolism0.37
34 Long chain fatty acid-CoA ligase Metabolism0.26
35 Ganglioside GM2 activator protein Lipid degradation0.230.36
36 MHC class II RT1.B α chain Immune response0.360.36
37 MHC class II RT1.D β chain Immune response0.230.17
38 MHC Class I α-chain antigend Immune response0.31
39 NCAM-140/180 neural cell adhesion molecule Adhesion0.280.36
40 Peroxisomal farnesylated protein (PxF) Cell structure0.36
41 Moesin Cytoskeletal0.40
42 Tropomyosin α chaind Cytoskeletal0.25
43 Na-K-Cl cotransporter Channel0.16
44 Impact Paternally expressed0.28
45 Tumor protein D52 Expressed in tumor0.40
46 Proline-rich protein Unknown0.38
  • a A complete list of the differentially expressed genes, including unknown ESTs, can be found on our web site (

  • b The average of ratios in both WT/Null and Null+MYC/Null comparisons during log-phase growth.

  • c The ratios in the comparison between WT cells and Null cells under the serum starvation condition.

  • d Gene reported previously to be a Myc target.