Table 2

Incidence and patterns of APC and β-catenin gene mutations and the statusa of β-catenin protein localization in lung lesions induced

No. of samplesIncidence and patterns of mutationsbLocation of β-catenin protein
Adenomas(2/15; 13.3%)(3/15; 20.0%)
 3515 GCT to CGT (Ala to Arg)Cytoplasm
 4679 TGT to TGC (Cys to Cys)McCell membrane
 932 GAT to GTT (Asp to Val)MNucleus and cytoplasm
1034 GGA to GAA (Gly to Glu)MCytoplasm
1232 GAT to GTT (Asp to Val)MNucleus and cytoplasm
Adenocarcinomas(8/20;40.0%)(5/20; 25.0%)
 1292 GAA to AAA (Glu to Lys)Cytoplasm
415 TGC to TGT (Cys to Cys)M
 2469 GGG to AGG (Gly to Arg)MNucleus and cytoplasm
 3819 GTT to GTC (Val to Val)SNucleus and cytoplasm
1392 AGT to AAT (Ser to Asn)M
 51422 GAC to GGC (Asp to Gly)M35 ATC to GTC (lle to Val)MNucleus and cytoplasm
 6298 GCT to GCC (Ala to Ala)SCell membrane
 8591 TGG to TGA (Trp to Stop)NNucleus and cytoplasm
1032 GAT to GTT (Asp to Val)MNucleus and cytoplasm
1133 TCT to TTT (Ser to Phe)MNucleus and cytoplasm
1332 GAT to GTT (Asp to Val)MNucleus and cytoplasm
16440 GTT to ATT (Val to lle)MCytoplasm
1741 ACC to ATC (Thr to IIe)MNucleus and cytoplasm
20817 ATG to GTG (Met to Val)MCytoplasm
  • a Staining patterns were divided into three groups: cell membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus and cytoplasm.

  • b codons, base substitutions, and amino acid alterations.

  • c Type of mutation: M, missense mutation; S, silent mutation; N, nonsense mutation.