Table 1

Overexpression of Drg-1 suppresses in vivo liver metastases in nude micea

CellsTotal no. of micebMice with splenic primariescMice with splenic primaries and liver metastasesc
  • a Viable colon cancer cells (5 × 105) were injected into the spleen of athymic nude mice. After 8 weeks, mice were euthanized, and the presence of tumors in the spleen and their liver metastases were determined as described in “Materials and Methods.”

  • b For the control group, a total of 14 mice were used. Twelve of 14 mice developed tumors; 1 had no tumor, and 1 mouse died right after injection. For the transfected group, a total of 15 mice were used. Thirteen of 15 mice developed tumors; 1 had no tumor, and 1 died right after injection.

  • c The number of mice that developed splenic primaries or splenic primaries and liver metastases in the control and transfected groups was used for statistical analysis using Fisher’s exact test. P was equal to 0.0169.