Table 1

Celecoxib dose-dependently inhibits metastasis to the lung

Mice injected in the paws with human colon cancer cells (HT-29) developed surface lung metastasis that are readily detected by 50–60 days. Celecoxib was administered to the animals (n = 15/treatment group) in the food. Therapy was initiated when primary tumors reached 100 mm3 (around day 14), and lung metastasis was determined at the end of treatment (Fig. 3C) <$REFLINK> by counting the total number of neoplastic nodules present in the lung surface, using a stereomicroscope, and verified via histopathologic examination.

Celecoxib (ppm)Lung metastasis (average ± SE)
055 ± 17
16019 ± 11
4809 ± 4
16005 ± 3