Table 1

Intracellular content of ATP in control (untreated) and sulforaphane-treated cells

At the indicated times, cells were harvested in perchloric acid, rapidly neutralized, and centrifuged as indicated in “Materials and Methods.” The neutralized supernatant was then analyzed by capillary zone electrophoresis, and ATP content was calculated according to ATP standard solutions. The differences between control and treated cells are not significant at any time point (Student’s t test).

ATP (10m/dish)
0.5 h1 h3 h8 h
Control6.85 ± 0.157.31 ± 0.168.25 ± 0.1810.75 ± 0.23
15 μm sulforaphane5.95 ± 0.137.05 ± 0.158.80 ± 0.1911.45 ± 0.24