Table 2

Patient and tumor characteristics and response rate to first-line tamoxifen therapy of recurrent disease

No. of patientsResponse rate (%)UnivariateMultivariateSurvival after start of therapy (median)
All patients2025524 mo
Menopausal status
Premenopausal47451130 mo
Postmenopausal155580.111.710.89–3.310.671.280.41–4.0123 mo
Age (yr)a
<4015331118 mo
40–5561512.070.63–6.761.330.31–5.6829 mo
55–6551572.640.79–8.821.440.24–8.7825 mo
>6575610.213.170.98–10.220.552.470.41–15.0120 mo
Dominant site of relapse
Soft tissue24791128 mo
Bone105530.300.10–0.870.120.03–0.4428 mo
Visceral73490.030.260.09–0.760.0010.110.03–0.4319 mo
Disease-free interval (mo)
<1270371118 mo
>12132640.00023.061.68–5.590.00272.951.44–6.0729 mo
Prior adjuvant therapy
No175541124 mo
Yes27590.631.220.54–2.790.231.950.65–5.8425 mo
ER levels (fmol/mg protein)b
<103730111116 mo
10–7547472.080.84–5.161.840.57–5.9223 mo
>75117660.000254.552.04––11.5130 mo
PgR levels (fmol/mg protein)b
<105343111119 mo
10–7561481.180.56–2.480.700.27–1.8221 mo
>7585680.00542.801.38–5.700.281.330.52–3.4136 mo
TP53 gene status
Wild-type137661129 mo
Mutated6531<0.00010.220.12–0.420.00140.29c0.13–0.6320 mo
  • a Age (years) at the time of the primary tumor.

  • b ER information on one patient and PgR information for three patients are missing.

  • c The increment in χ2 is 10.2. Significant data are shown in bold.