Table 4

Risk factor model for recurrence

Risk groupTotal patientsaYear 1 recurrenceYear 2 recurrenceYear 3 recurrenceYear 4 recurrence
Log rank test: P value0.0810.0480.0220.034
  • a Patients were classified as with low, medium, or high risk for disease recurrence according to their disease stage and number of positive markers: high risk, if patients had stage III/IV with three to four positive markers; low risk, if they had stage I/II with zero to two positive markers; and medium risk, if they had stage I/II with three to four markers and stage III/IV with zero to two markers. For year 1, recurrence occurring after 1 year was considered disease-free, and follow-up time longer than 1 year was counted as 1 year. The same approach was applied to all other years’ recurrence.