Table 2

125I-labeled LDL binding to glioblastoma multiforme cells

Cell lineNo. experimentsKda (μg/ml)Kd (nm)Bmax (ng/mg cell protein)Number of LDL receptors/cell
SF-76743.50± 1.056.98± 2.12793± 105288,000± 41,900
U-87 MGb2
U-251 MG238.0c76c225c128,000c
U-343 MG140.080510311,000
  • a Kd, a dissociation constant equal to concentration of 125I-LDL corresponding to half of maximal binding Bmax value; Bmax, related to maximum binding capacity (for calculation, see “Materials and Methods”).

  • b There was no evidence of binding in the range of 0–120 μg 125I-LDL/ml.

  • c Average value from two experiments.