Table 2

Reactivity of CD8+ T cells within and around esophageal tumors

Representative examples for quantitative PCR on tumor (Tm) and adjacent normal mucosa (Nm) samples from patient P1 with i.t. CD8+ T cell infiltrations and patient P2 with p.t. location of CD8+ T cells. Mean values of triplicate analysis are shown. Comparative immunofluorescence staining for patient P1 is shown in Fig. 1 <$REFLINK> .
CD8+ i.t.P1:Tm30.8534.4020.231.521.12
CD8+ p.t.P2:Tm33.3535.7227.791.201.07
CD8+ flud24.1827.9920.151.201.16
  • a Values represent copies of CD8 mRNA per copies of β-actin mRNA.

  • b Values represent copies of IFN-γ mRNA per copies of CD8 mRNA.

  • c Controls included unstimulated CD8+ T cells from PBMC.

  • d Controls included influenza-matrix peptide-specific CD8+ T cells 2 h after peptide restimulation (see also Refs. 17 , 18 , and 20 ) that were generated from PBMC as described in “Materials and Methods.”