Table 3

Time-to recurrence and time-to death dates in esophageal cancer patients depend on localization and amount of CD8+ T cells within the tumors

Presence of i.t., p.t., or SC or no CD8+ T cells in 70 primary carcinomas of the esophagus was compared to clinical follow-up. Median time to recurrence and median time to death dates are listed. Data in parentheses are ranges. As a control follow-up data for nodal negative (pN0) vs nodal positive patients (pN+) are also shown.
No. of PatientsTime to recurrence (mo)Recurrence (no.)Log rankTime to death (mo)Death (no.)Log rank
CD8+ i.t.1100
CD8+ p.t.2220 (7–32)130.000350 (10–89)90.0004
CD8+ SC/03716 (12–20)2518 (10–25)21
pN0a2344 (35–55)645 (37–51)5
pN+4716 (13–18)320.000433 (23–44)250.0029
  • a Classified according to Tumor-Node-Metastasis classification.