Table 4

Univariate and multivariate analyses of prognostic factors for survival

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Log rankBreslowRelative risk95% Confidence intervalP
i.t. CD8+ T cells (present)a0.00040.00450.50.34–0.730.0004
UICC stage (I–IV)0.00100.00322.31.50–23.530.0001
Nodal stage (pN+)0.00290.00203.91.47–10.410.0060
Histotype (adenocarcinoma/SCC)0.77380.73021.10.54–2.290.7768
  • a CD8+ T cell infiltration within the tumor is a factor (variable) related to a favorable survival with the relative risk below 1.0.