Table 3

Percentage of cells in explant cultures of ovarian cancer cells and normal peritoneal cells which score positive for β-galactosidase after exposure to the Ad-CMV-LacZ and the Ad-Lp-LacZ vectors

Samples of primary tumor, metastatic tumor, and normal peritoneum were cut into small pieces. These pieces were then digested with collagenase to produce tissue disaggregation, and the resulting cells were cultured in RPMI 1640 with 10% NBCS. All experiments were performed at 90% confluence. Samples of ascites were divided into the T25 flasks directly and washed to remove debris after cell attachment. Cells were infected in the flasks for 90 min, and after 48 h of incubation, the positive cells were measured by X-Gal staining or FACS.
AscitesPrimary tumorMetastatic tumorNormal peritoneum
Ad-CMV-βgal X-Gal 50–80%50–90%45–85%60–80%
FACS 95%94%94%
Ad-LP-βgal X-Gal 10–35%15–60%15–45%1–4%
FACS 39%83%38%
CMV/LP ratio FACS 3/11/13/120–60/1