Table 5

Tumor growth in animals injected with adenoviral LP vectors (percentage of animals found to be positive for tumors)

The SCID mice were injected with 40 million Ovcar-5 or Skov3 tumor cells, which had been infected previously in vitro with the Ad-Lp-LacZ vector or the Ad-Lp-CD vector. Starting on the second day, 500 mg/kg 5-FC was injected each day for 10 days. Animals were autopsied at 21 days after tumor cell injection, and the presence or absence of tumor nodules in the peritoneal cavity was assessed.
Ovcar-5 (100 MOI)10/10 (100%)0/10 (0%)
Skov3 (80 MOI)5/5 (100%)0/5 (0%)