Table 2

NY-ESO-1 antibody response in 124 patients with transitional cell carcinomaa

Tumor gradeAntibody positive/sera tested
G10/5 (0%)
G20/47 (0%)
G39/72b (12.5%)
  • a In this series of 124 patients with TCC, both frozen tumors and sera were available from 45 patients for NY-ESO-1 RT-PCR and antibody typing. Thirteen of 45 tumors were positive for NY-ESO-1 mRNA, and 2 of the 13 patients with NY-ESO-1-positive tumors had NY-ESO-1 antibody. No NY-ESO-1 antibody was found in the 32 patients with NY-ESO-1-negative tumors.

  • b The difference in NY-ESO-1 antibody frequency in patients with high-grade (G3; 9 of 72) and low-grade (G1 and G2; 0 of 52) tumors was statistically significant (P < 0.05). Statistical analyses were performed by χ2 test.