Table 1

Results of 15-LOX-1 immunohistochemical staining of paired normal and malignant esophageal tissues

Sample No.Histological characteristics of normal samplesPositive staining gradeaHistological characteristics of tumor samplesPositive staining gradea
1Normal squamous3SCCb0
2Normal squamous0AdenoCAb0
3Normal squamous1AdenoCA0
4Normal squamous1AdenoCA0
5Normal squamous1AdenoCA0
6Normal squamous1SCC0
7Normal squamous1AdenoCA0
8Normal squamous2AdenoCA1
9Normal squamous2SCC0
10Normal squamous1AdenoCA0
11Normal squamous2SCC1
12Normal squamous2SCC0
13Normal squamous2SCC0
14Normal squamous2SCC0
15Normal squamous1AdenoCA0
  • a Median for normal samples = 1, median for tumor samples = 0; P = 0.00061, Sign test.

  • b SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; AdenoCA, adenocarcinoma.