Table 1

Expression of integrin and cell surface markers in HBMECs

Subconfluent cultures of HBMECs were harvested in dissociation buffer, and cells in suspension (106 cells/ml) were aliquoted and incubated in the presence of primary antibodies against several cell surface proteins as indicated. Analysis of cell surface protein receptor expression was done by FACS analysis in the presence of an FITC-conjugated IgG. The data represent the percentage (±SE) of the cell population with a signal >95% of the control population (background) in triplicate samples.
Receptor% positive
von Willebrand factor93.6 ± 0.0
Fibroblast growth factor receptor33.1 ± 9.8
VEGF-R1 (Flt-1)26.1 ± 10.7
VEGF-R2 (Flk-1)26.2 ± 0.0
uPAR96.1 ± 5.4
α5β191.0 ± 10.1
αvβ388.1 ± 3.8
αvβ594.3 ± 0.3