Table 2

Concentration and activity state of matrix-metalloproteinases in serum-free conditioned medium from melanoma cells cultured on collagen I gels

Serum-free conditioned mediumMMP-1 (ng/ml)aMMP-2 (ng/ml)bMMP-2 activity (ng/ml)cMMP-9 (ng/ml)dMMP-9 activity (ng/ml)c
C816115041035; 730.58; 6
C81-61191; 8e0.8; 0.5
MUM-2B10020035; 680.23; 6
MUM-2C52; 34; 2
  • a MMP-1 protein concentration, includes MMP-1 protein bound to TIMP-1.

  • b Pro-MMP-2 protein concentration, includes Pro-MMP-2 protein bound to TIMP-2.

  • c First number: concentration of endogenously active enzyme; second number: measurement of the activatable enzyme after 1-h activation with 0.5 mM (MMP-2) or 1 mM (MMP-9) p-aminophenylmercuric acetate at 37°C.

  • d Pro-MMP-9 protein concentration, includes Pro-MMP-9 protein bound to TIMP-1.

  • e Below the level of detection.