Table 1

Patient characteristics and disease status on entry and post-DC vaccine

Pt. I.D.aAge/sexMonths from diagnosis to stage IV/previous therapyStatus and measurable disease on entryEarly clinical outcome restaging at 10 wk (4 wk after last DC vaccine)
159 /M36/Surgery and radiation of CNS lesionRetroperitoneal mass by CT scan (2 cm), positive PET scanNo evidence of measurable disease by CE, CT, and PET scan
255 /M24/Chemotherapy, IL-2, & IFN-αSkin, LN, CNS, liver (4 cm), lung (3 cm)PD: all sites enlarged
343 /F6/SurgerySkin, LN, bones, and liverPD: progression at all sites, early death from melanoma
442 /F82/Chemotherapy, IL-2, & IFN-αPD: subcarinal LN mass by CT (6 cm)Pulmonary nodule (2.8 cm) and subcarinal LN mass (7 cm) stable
Pulmonary nodule by CT (3.2 cm)Progressive vitiligo on chest, neck, back. No new lesions
545 /M10/Chemotherapy, IL-2, & IFN-αPD: spleen nodule (3.5 cm), liver nodules (2.5 cm), and pulmonary nodules (1 cm) by CT scanSpleen nodule 1 cm by CT scan, pulmonary, and liver nodules stable
636 /M30/Surgery, high-dose IL-2PD: skin nodules (1.5–2.5 cm) and LNPD: disappearance of 3 s.c. nodules but several new lesions
861 /F69/Surgery and radiationSkin nodule by CE and CT scan (3 cm), liver nodule (4.5 cm), LDH 249, AP 261, AST 71, ALT 120Regression of skin nodule by CE and CT, liver lesion stable (4.3 cm), normalization of liver enzymes: LDH 193, AP 196, AST 26, ALT 36; progressive vitiligo chest and arms
944 /M10/Melanoma cell vaccine, surgery, and radiation of CNS lesion3-cm axillary LN mass by CENo axillary LN mass, no evidence of measurable disease by CE and CT scan
1050 /M144/Surgery2-cm femoral LN next to biopsy-proven LN massNo palpable LN mass, no evidence of measurable disease by CE and CT scan
1256 /F35/Surgery, radiation CNS lesionsSkin nodule (2 cm)50% regression of skin nodule, no new lesions by CE and PET scan
1350 /M1/Surgery, radiation CNS lesion2-cm axillary LN by physical examinationPD: progression in CNS after 2 DC vaccinations
1543 /F1/Surgery and adjuvant IFN-αLN, lung, and spleenPD: progression, new lesion in spleen
1673 /M96/ChemotherapyPD: retroperitoneal LN (8 cm), liver (10 cm)PD: progression
1757 /F40/SurgeryLung nodule by CT scan (1 cm)No evidence of progression by CT scan and CE
1870 /F3/SurgeryPericardial nodule by CT (2 cm), 7.5-mm lesion in vaginal wall proximal to biopsy-proven lesionRegression of pericardial nodule by CT scan and of vaginal metastases by CE
1966 /M6/RadiationParotid nodule 2 cm by PET scan.Nonevaluable for clinical outcome (no PET scan postvaccination)
2040 /M44/SurgeryLN, liver and chest wallPD: progression, early death from melanoma
2166 /M1/SurgeryLiver lesion by MRI (1.8 cm)Liver lesion stable by MRI (1.9 cm)
  • a Pt. I.D., patient identification number; CT, computed tomography; PET, positron emission tomography; LN, lymph node; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; AP, alkaline phosphatase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; CE, clinical examination; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.