Table 2

Frequency of HAHA responses of colon cancer patients treated with repeated doses of huAb A33 as determined by BIACORE analysis

NegativePositiveStrongMedium-strongWeakType IType II
COL 1–1111huAb A333 (27%)8 (73%)23353
COL 12–2817huAb A335 (29%)12 (71%)435102
COL 29–4113huAb A33 + BOF-Strepa7 (54%)6 (46%)1235b2b
COL 42–443131I-labeled huAb A330 (0%)3 (100%)21030
  • a 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea, Oncorin, fluorouracil, and streptozotocin.

  • b Patient CO-41 developed first a type I and subsequently a type II response.