Table 4

Infusion-related adverse events in colon cancer patients developing a type II HAHA response after treatment with repeated doses of huAb A33

PatientHAHA typeInfusion-related symptoms
COL-5IIRash, low-grade fever (<101°F)
COL-10IIFacial flushing, fever (>101°F), nausea, vomiting, chills, increase in BPa
COL-11IIFever (>101°F), chills, myalgia, arthralgia, decrease in BP
COL-20bIITaken off study before onset of symptoms
COL-24IIFacial flushing, fever (>101°F), decrease in BP
COL-33IIMyalgia, rash
COL-41bI + IITaken off study before onset of symptoms
  • a BP, blood pressure.

  • b Patients were taken off study based on increased HAHA levels before onset of clinical symptoms.