Table 5

Impact on clinical outcome of the absence of WT FLT3

FLT3WT/WT and FLT3ITD/WT (N = 74)FLT3ITD/− (N = 8)P
Clinical outcome
 Percentage of CR85750.61
 Median (months)44a4
 Percentage of DFS at 12 months (95% confidence interval)68 (59, 76)17 (12, 22)0.0005
 Median (months)47a7
 Percentage alive at 12 months (95% confidence interval)72 (64, 79)13 (10, 15)0.0003
  • a Nonparametric estimate of the median is not available. Tabled value represents the median assuming the survival estimates after the last observation follows an exponential curve.