Table 3

Stratified analysis of lung cancer risk for the MMP-1 genotypes by smoking status

MMP-1 genotypesCasesControlsCrude OR [95% CI]Adjusteda OR [95% CI]
Never smokers
1G/1G, 1G/2G2626ReferenceReference
2G/2G20161.25 [0.53–2.95]1.09 [0.31–3.91]
Former smokers
1G/1G, 1G/2G136154ReferenceReference
2G/2G98801.39 [0.95–2.02]1.23 [0.81–1.87]
Current smokers
1G/1G, 1G/2G84127ReferenceReference
2G/2G92482.90 [1.83–4.59]3.16 [1.87–5.35]
Lightb smokers
1G/1G, 1G/2G100140ReferenceReference
2G/2G76651.64 [1.07–2.50]1.40 [0.84–2.32]
Heavyb smokers
1G/1G, 1G/2G120141ReferenceReference
2G/2G114632.13 [1.43–3.17]2.55 [1.61–4.03]
  • a Adjusted by age and gender.

  • b Dichotomized at median value of pack-year in the controls. For former and current smokers only.