Table 1

MAGE gene status according to clinicopathological features of patients

PatientAge (years)RaceaGender (M/F)HistologybTNMStageMAGE-A1cMAGE-A3MAGE-B2
161WFAdT1N0M0I+N, −T+N, +T+N, +T
248BFSCCT1N0M0I−N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
358WFSCCT1N0M0I+N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
452WMSCCT2N0M0I−N, +T−N, +T+N, +T
565WMSCCT1N0M0I+N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
666WMAdT1N0M0I+N, −T−N, −T+N, +T
767WMSCCT2N0M0I+N, +T−N, +T+N, +T
854WMAdT1N0M0I+N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
957BMAdT1N0M0I+N, −T+N, +T+N, +T
1045BMSCCT2N0M0I+N, −T+N, +T+N, −T
1164WMSCCT3N0M0III−N, −T+N, +T−N, +T
1256WMAdT1N0M0I+N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
1360WFSCCT1N0M0I−N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
1467WMAdT1N0M0I−N, +T−N, −T−N, +T
1558WMSCCT2N0M0I+N, +T−N, −T+N, +T
1664WFSCCT1N0M0I+N, +T+N, +T−N, −T
1769WMAdT1N0M0I−N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
1861WMAdT2N0M0I−N, −T+N, +T−N, −T
1956WMAdT1N1M0II+N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
2050WFBACT1N0M0I+N, +T+N, +T+N, +T
  • a W, white; B, black.

  • b Ad, adenocarcinoma; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; BAC, bronchoalveolar carcinoma.

  • c N, normal lung tissue adjacent to tumor; T, tumor.