Table 3

Characteristics of tumors formed by grafting 350,000 cells of each of the BPH-1 sublines beneath the renal capsule of male athymic mouse hosts for 28 days

The mean wet weight of the parental BPH-1 cells, when grafted under these conditions, is always less than 10 mg (mean 3 mg). This low weight and benign behavior of the parental cell line is maintained for at least 1 year.
Cell strainDifferentiationInvasionWet weight (mg)mean ± SDKi67 labeling index (%)Necrosis
BPH1CAFTD-01Poor, focall, squamousLimited to stroma15.5 ± 2.611.7No
BPH1CAFTD-02Poor, adenosquamousLimited to stroma158 ± 12320.8No
BPH1CAFTD-03Moderate, squamousLimited to stroma94 ± 2225.6No
BPH1CAFTD-04Moderate, squamousInto renal parenchyma348 ± 5817.2Yes
BPH1CAFTD-05Moderate, squamousInto renal parenchyma244 ± 3221.8Yes
BPH1CAFTD-06Poor, squamoidInto renal parenchyma238 ± 5135.6Yes
BPH1CAFTD-07Moderate, squamousLimited to stroma18 ± 106.7No
BPH1CAFTD-08Moderate, squamousLimited to stroma20 ± 917.1No
BPH1TETD-APoor, squamoidInto renal parenchyma461 ± 16120.9Yes
BPH1TETD-BPoor, adenosquamousInto renal parenchyma305 ± 4020.8Yes