Table 2

Genotype analysis of melanomas that arose from transgenic mice

Melanoma tumor formation associated with INK4a/ARF deficiency was analyzed by the case-control method. Among 20 melanoma cases, 18 melanomas were deficient for INK4a/ARF but only 2 cases occurred in the INK4a/ARF wild type group. These data suggest that inactivation of INK4a/ARF significantly contributed to MIP-2-induced murine skin melanoma formation (p < 0.01, by Chi-Square Test).
MIP-2 transgene negativeMIP-2 transgene positive
GenotypenMelanoma incidencenMelanoma incidence
 +/+00% (0/55)23.1% (2/64)
 +/−33.3% (3/91)15a18.5% (15/81)
  • a P < 0.01.