Table 3

Melanoma formation in the nude mice transplanted with melanocytes null for INK4a/ARF

The epidermal melanocytes derived from either MIP-2 transgenic or non-transgenic new born mice null for p16 INK4a/ARF were inoculated into the subscapular region of nude mice. After approximately 3 to 4 months of latency, melanomas only formed in the nude mice injected with MIP-2 transgene positive melanocytes but not in mice injected with of INK4A/ARF−/− melanocytes which do not express the MIP-2 transgene. Values in the table are pooled data from two independent experiements.
Genotype of melanocytesMelanomas
MIP-2 transgeneINK4a/ARF statusCohort sizenIncidenceLatencyMetastatic tumors
+−/−121083%a93 ± 48d4
  • a P < 0.01.