Table 1

Relative expression of mammary markers

Immunohistochemical stains were performed to detect the presence of selected antigens, as noted. The relative intensities are recorded in a 4+/4+ scoring system based upon the intensity in a positive control slide for indicated tissue from nontransgenic FVB mammary glands (not bold) and from PyV-mT-induced MIN and tumors (bold).
DuctTerminal end budPrelactating acinusDysplasia (MIN)Tumor
CK-8444 3 var a
CK-14111 2 2
WAP±4 1
OPN4 2 2
ER122 2 var
p53 ±
Ki-67442 4 4
PyV-mT 2 4
c-erbB212 var var
CD-31 var
Laminin114 1 var
  • a var, variable intensity.