Table 2

Tumor incidence and morphology of hyperplastic outgrowth lines

Zone-4 lesions from mice 9 weeks of age were serially transplanted to gland-cleared recipients 4 weeks of age. After four passages, the tumor incidence for each of the five indicated HPO Lines (A–E) was measured at 14 and 21 weeks and is reported as the number of fat pads with tumor(s)/total number of fat pads with transplants. HPO morphological characteristics are reported as cystic or LA (lobuloalveolar), or both.
Tumor incidence
HPO lineFat pads with tu/transplanted fat pads (%)Time (wk)Morphological characteristics
A14/20 (70)14cystic/LA
B0/17 (0)14LA/cystic
11/17 (64.7)21
C3/20 (15)14cystic/LA
11/18 (61.1)21
D0/18 (0)14LA
13/18 (72.2)21
E14/20 (70)14LA
18/20 (90)21