Table 1

Univariate analyses of EGFR, p53, age, KPS, protocol, and MIB-1 proliferation index in the original group of 110 patients

Univariate Cox analyses were performed using EGFR IHC, p53 IHC, p53 mutation status (p53 gene), and age group as dichotomous variables. MIB-1 values were separated on a quartile basis. HRs, Ps, and 95% CIs are as indicated. The HR for age as a continuous variable indicates the increase in hazard on a per year basis.

VariableHR95% CIP
EGFR (+ vs.−)1.10.7–1.60.61
p53 IHC (+ vs.−)1.10.7–1.50.82
p53 gene (mutant vs. wild type)0.80.5–1.20.49
Age (continuous)1.051.03–1.07<0.01
Age (≥55 vs. <55)2.01.4–3.0<0.01
Extent of resection0.90.5–1.50.60
Protocol (6G901 vs. 8822)2.11.3–3.4<0.01
MIB (quartiles)1.31.1–1.5<0.01