Table 3

p53 mutational analysis of tumors

Exons 5–8 were subject to SSCP analysis. Abnormally migrating exons were reamplified and subjected to direct sequencing. The table indicates all of the mutations identified in the 88 cases analyzed. Patient age and p53 expression score are included, as indicated.

CaseAgep53 scoreExonMutation
15244Positive5TGC cys-TAC tyr 176
26239Positive8CGT arg-CAT his 273
26347Positive5AAG lys-ACG thr 132
31752Positive8TGT cys-TTT phe 275
36250Positive5CCG pro-CTG leu 152
38132Positive8CGT arg-TGT cys 273
38648Positive5CGC arg-CAC his 175
40335Positive7ATG met-ATA ile 237
40771Positive8CGT arg-CAT his 273
44040Positive5CCG pro-CTG leu 152
44553Positive8CGT arg-TGT cys 273
44656Positive5TAC tyr-TGC cys 163
45238Positive8CGT arg-TGT cys 273
46458Positive5CCC pro-ACC thr 151
49234PositiveN/AG-C splice site intron 4
49538PositiveN/AA-T splice site intron 6
49744Negative5TGG trp-TGA-stop 146