Table 5

Association of EGFR with survival in a validation sample of patients<55 years (n = 42) based on p53 immunohistochemical status

Cases were scored for p53 and EGFR expression by IHC, and median survival (weeks after initial surgery) was determined for each of the four groups of cases based on marker status (left). A Cox multivariate analysis was performed to test for correlations of EGFR with survival in p53− and p53+ subgroups. Adjustments for age, KPS, extent of resection, and protocol status resulted in similar findings (see text). HRs, 95% CIs, and Ps are as indicated on the right.

Median survival (no. of cases)Cox analysis (EGFR+ vs. EGFR−)
p53−56 (17)32 (8)4.41.7–11.7<0.01
p53+55 (12)83 (5)0.50.2–1.50.23